First Baptist School Academics

Middle School

Academic Excellence with a Christian Perspective, our mission, is embodied in our 7th– 8th grade program.  Our college prep program provides an intellectually rich environment which challenges students to grow academically, emotionally and spiritually.  Students are nurtured by a caring faculty who model Christian values in and out of the classroom.

The seventh and eighth grade years (middle school) are designed to prepare students for the high school environment. Students learn to become more independent and to take greater responsibility for their academic work. The faculty work hard to move students to higher levels of critical, independent thinking and to develop their writing and research skills. The faculty provides a supportive, encouraging environment in which the students can develop these skills. We have high expectations for all of our middle school students but we do everything we can to help them reach their highest potential. Starting in 8th grade, our students start earning high school credit for some of their classes. In addition to the academic courses, the middle school program continues to develop the whole child through extra-curricular activities, athletics, and Chapel programs.


Please click here to view and download/print the curriculum guide for First Baptist's Middle School.


Our student handbook gives details regarding general school information, attendance policies, dress code, grading, behavior expectations, and more.  Please click here to view and download/print our student handbook.


The English Department requires students to attend Fine Arts events every semester.  Middle school students are required to attend 2 events per semester. Students are asked to explore an area of academic study that includes visual and performance art for art's sake.  These arts are not determined by the English department, bur rather they are an actual field of academic enrichment and appreciation.  The purpose is to supplement the curriculum with meaningful experiences that enhance student learning.

Examples of ACCEPTABLE Fine Arts Experiences:

  • Curated art exhibitions (Gibbes, Halsey, Redux)
  • Artistic dance performances (ballet, jazz, modern, etc.)
  • Symphony/Orchestra/Choral performances
  • Classical and jazz concerts   
  • Theater
  • Foreign and artistic films (only when approved and offered by English department)  

Examples of UNACCEPTABLE Fine Arts Experiences:

  • Commercial art galleries
  • Popular music concerts (country, rock, pop, Top hits)
  • Festival events (fairs, picnics, rodeos, Christmas lights, etc.)
  • Historical tours
  • Religious services
  • Sports Events