College Counseling

As a college preparatory school, First Baptist School is strongly committed to helping each student with college planning.  The curriculum is designed to meet the admissions requirements of most colleges and universities.  Opportunities to explore individual educational plans, objectives, strengths, talents and interests are constant.  At First Baptist School of Charleston, 100% of our graduates are accepted to college.

A number of resources are available to the student for exploring colleges, their programs and admissions requirements.  Information can be found online, by telephoning the various admissions offices and through the college counseling office of First Baptist School.  Students and families are encouraged to conference with the college counselor to help with defining educational goals and interests.  The college counselor will assist the student with the application and financial aid processes and serve as liaison with the college admissions office.


First Baptist School of Charleston offers an extensive college counseling program that encourages students to: 

· Prepare early for college admission

· Consider a broad range of colleges

· Explore scholarship opportunities

The college counselor at First Baptist :

· Facilitates the application process by serving as advocate for students

· Provides colleges with complete, accurate information regarding student qualifications

· Offers support from the beginning to the end of the college and scholarship search processes

· Educates students and parents about colleges and college admission standards, procedures and  trends

· Encourages the most comprehensive approach to college selection

· Maintains unbiased regard for the broadest spectrum of colleges

For more information, please contact College and Career Counselor, Sheree Bridges at


Each senior is expected to apply online to at least three colleges by November 1st. College deadlines are the responsibility of the student.

Secondary school reports should be downloaded and given to the college counselor immediately after filing each application. The report will be completed by the college counselor and mailed with an official transcript. The student will provide the mailing addresses for out of state colleges and universities.

The student is responsible for contacting the SAT/ACT office(s) and arranging to have official scores mailed to the colleges of choice. 

College representatives will visit FBS throughout the fall of each year.  Specifics will be listed on the College Counseling page of their Renweb account. Junior and Senior students who are interested in a particular college briefing must make arrangements with the classroom teachers prior to the scheduled meeting.

For statistical purposes, please notify the college counselor of all acceptances and financial aid (scholarships, grants, loans) offers.

The student is reminded that college acceptances are provisional. It is expected that the current level of academic achievement will be maintained.