First Baptist School Student Life


Art is a very important part of the curriculum at our school.  We have two art teachers, a lower school teacher for K2-5th grade and an upper school teacher for 6th- 12th grade. 

Private art lessons are available to students beginning in the 6th grade.  Our students have the opportunity to present their works in a variety of local and regionl art shows and interscholastic competitions.


If you follow FBS on social media, or if you read The Post and Courier, you’ve no doubt seen some of the beautiful work of our photography class.  This class, started several years ago, has become a favorite elective of our high school students over the years.  Students enjoy walking the downtown streets and applying lessons learned as they capture beautiful images in the Holy City.  

Even with a high school move on the horizon, we are excited to keep our Intro to Photography class based downtown. It’s one of our newest course offerings, but will continue to serve as a link to our school’s history.